Forbes 2018 List Says Akshay Kumar Earns Way More Than Salman Khan, And We Have The Answer How

4:10 pm 23 Jul, 2018


Bollywood actors Salman Khan and Akshay Kumar are both among the highest paid stars in the business. Salman started his career in 1989  with ‘Biwi Ho Toh Aisi‘ in a supporting role. Akshay stepped into Bollywood with a minor role in Mahesh Bhatt’s 1987 movie ‘Aaj‘. Starting their careers with modest roles the actors are now the benchmark in B-Town.  In fact today, the stars are not only in news for their acting abilities but, also the social causes they fight for.

Salman Khan’s charity ‘Being Human’ and its contributions are second to none. Akshay Kumar movies like ‘Padman’, ‘Toilet: Ek Prem Katha’, and ‘Airlift’ among others have all portrayed pressing social issues of India.


Akshay Kumar Salman Khan

Actors Salman Khan and Akshay Kumar. Source


But did you know that there is a huge disparity between the earnings of the two stars? Both Salman and Akshay have earned a place in the Forbes list of ‘World’s 100 highest-paid entertainers’. The stars are a part of the list for the 2nd consecutive year, however superstar Shah Rukh Khan is absent from the 2018 list.


Akshay Kumar Shah Rukh Khan

Actors Akshay Kumar and Shah Rukh Khan. Source


The Forbes 2018 list presents a surprising reality about their earnings, in comparison. The Forbes list places Akshay Kumar at the 76th spot while Salman Khan is on the 82nd spot.



Akshay Kumar with wife

Akshay with wife Twinkle Khanna. Source


This means that Akshay Kumar is making way more money than Salman. Reportedly Kumar’s earning this year is Rs 270 crore (that is, USD 40.5 million). Salman, on the other hand, earned Rs 251 crore (USD 37.7 million) in 2018.


Akshay Kumar son

Akshay with son Aarav Kumar. Source


Apparently, the reason behind this lag is that Akshay has made quite a few real estate investments. The star makes considerable earning owing to these properties. Also as per reports, Akshay Kumar does not charge a fee for most of his movies. He instead takes a share of the profit. This unique style of getting a return for his hard work must have made him the front-runner.


Akshay Kumar Gold

‘Gold’ poster. Source

On the work front, Akshay Kumar starer ‘Gold’ is set to hit the theaters on August 15. 2018. And, we are eagerly awaiting its release.