WTF? Was Akshay Not The First Choice For The Movie 2.0?

2:08 pm 26 Nov, 2018


Rajinikanth and Akshay Kumar-starrer 2.0 is the most anticipated movie this year for cinema lovers. The makers are excited for its release not only in the southern region but for all over India. Why not, because both these stars are working together for the first time in any film.  2.0 is an important film for Indian cinema in terms of the technology they have used. It’s one of the first Indian films to be shot in 3D. Recently, the movie’s director S Shankar, revealed a secret which will surely upset Akshay Kumar. Shankar revealed that Akshay was not the first choice for this role. Yes, you read that right.

He said that he wanted to present the film as an international film and for this, it was confirmed that the famous Hollywood artist Arnold Schwarzenegger will play the character instead of Akshay Kumar. Then the matter was stuck with the fact that he could not fulfill the legal requirements of Hollywood cinema. And, after that Akshay Kumar’s entry into the film was confirmed.


Filmmaker Karan Johar is releasing the Hindi version of 2.0. In a recently held press conference, Akshay said that his work in this film was a great achievement of his career and said that it is a matter of honor for him if Rajinikanth even punches him in a film.




Akshay said that the film is a social movie. He is very excited for the role and It will be a big surprise for his fans. Akshay must be thinking that how can any other actor replace him! No but seriously he is looking great in the trailer.



Here is the trailer if you have not yet watched it.



Let’s see how the movie works at the box office and in the hearts of the viewers. We hope Akshay is praised and next time he will only be the first choice.