Catch Akshay Kumar Flying Kites And Decoding Secret Behind A Baba’s Rolex Watch In Kashi

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9:42 pm 14 Sep, 2016

Stars are as human as you and me, and love to do random travel things just like us. What’s interesting is to catch Akshay Kumar doing these things right here in India, on the banks of Ganga at Kashi. For once we are thankful that there is no fan chasing or paparazzi stuff happening. I’m sure Akki couldn’t be anymore glad as he contemplates “holy dipping” watching the serene waters of Ganga.


Akshay got some time off from a stalled shoot of an untitled movie to get this golden opportunity to fly kites from his boat. Mind you, the kite is ‘looted’!


And that’s not all! Akshay also strikes up a conversation with a Baba on the banks of Ganga as he tries to find out the secret behind the holy man’s Rolex watch!


Akki boy, why so sweet and humble?

”Hum toh seedhe saadhe Akshay Akshay!” 


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