Akshay And Twinkle’s Lavish Juhu Mansion Is An Artistic Treat To Envy

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4:13 pm 17 Aug, 2016

Both Akshay Kumar and Twinkle Khanna believe that a space can become a home when it contains things that tell a story. After looking at their new home’s photographs, one would absolutely agree with them.



A lavish duplex mansion in Juhu, the house is beautifully decorated with Contemporary art, family photographs, and curios.

Apart from a great sense of humour and words, Akshay’s wife Twinkle is also the owner of ‘The White Window’ an interior decor company.



Her excellent knowledge about interiors is reflected in the design and decor of the mansion.

Right from drafting  structural plans to picking the Paola Navone ceramic stools, everything here has been done by Twinkle.



For sometime the family was living on the ground floor, but Twinkle’s children asked for more space and were given the first floor.

Now, the living and dining space, the kitchen, a home theatre and a room that functions as Akshay’s walk-in closet takes up the ground floor while the first floor houses the bedrooms, a pantry, Twinkle’s home office and a balcony with a daybed where the family plays Ludo and Backgammon.



Twinkle is also known to fancy mango trees and no matter which house she lives, it must have one. The family has one in their Juhu mansion as well.



Akshay Kumar being a Delhitte has always longed for a big and spacious house. He with his extended family has survived in a two room flat in Delhi.



This being the most important factor, he chose this peaceful space in Juhu attached to the beach over the glamour of a free-standing home in Bandra like his peers. There is no road cutting between the house and the beach.



They have built this private haven with an idea of space and privacy. Away from traffic and urban chaos, the family lives in peace surrounded by nature and harmony.

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