Akshara Haasan’s Response To Kamal Haasan’s Tweet Brings All Rumors About Her Religion Change To A Close

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2:55 pm 29 Jul, 2017


Actor Kamal Haasan is popularly known to be an atheist and so is his daughter Akshara Haasan but lately, the actress is known to have been influenced by the teachings and principles of Buddhism.

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At a promotional event for Thala Ajith’s Vivegam, her Tamil debut film, aspiring director Akshara Haasan expressed her inclination towards Buddhism.

Since Friday, there have been a number of media reports claiming that Akshara Haasan has changed her religion. These perhaps reached her father as well, who tweeted her younger daughter to ask if she really had changed her religion. Akshara’s reply to her father’s tweet, however, cleared the air surrounding her embracing Buddhism.

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Kamal Haasan’s tweet read,

Irrespective of what Akshara Haasan would have replied, the fact that her father is a really cool and allows his children to follow their own choices and preferences, even when it comes to religion, must be appreciated.

Here is what Akshara’s tweet in response to Kamal Haasan’s tweet read,

Hi bapuji. No, still an atheist. Although i agree with budhism as it is a way of life and in an individuals way of life.

Hopefully, this will put all the gossip around Akshara changing her religion and the reason behind doing, or not doing, so to rest. One certainly has a right to follow or embrace the religion which he/she finds appropriate and neither the person nor his work should be judged for his religious or spiritual choices.