Akola’s Collector Gave His Chauffeur A Farewell Gift That He Won’t Forget

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9:32 am 5 Nov, 2016

It was a fitting, unusual and a rather touching farewell gift for Digambar Thak, the driver of Akola Collector G Sreekanth.

To give Thak a farewell that we won’t forget, Sreekanth decorated his official red beacon car and then he made Digambar sit in the back seat and he himself drove the car to take him to the office.

Maha Info Center/Twitter

Maha Info Center/Twitter

Following Sreekanth’s gesture, Digambar’s eyes were filled with tears. Though Digambar was hesitant and said he did not deserve this treatment, the Akola Collector insisted for this.

Sreekanth even had a farewell ceremony planned for Thak in his office.



When officials at the Collectorate saw Digambar on the back seat, they got curious. But Sreekanth informed them that this was the last day of Digambar’s service and he thought to give him this surprise.

The 58-year-old Thak, has given 30 years of his life serving as chauffeur to 18 collectors of Akola district.

An image of the collector driving Thak to office was posted on Maharashtra Information Centre’s official Twitter handle.

Clearly, Sreekanth’s small yet powerful gesture had given a lifetime memory to Thak.

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