Akash Dadlani Forcefully Kissed Shilpa Shindey In Bigg Boss House And Tweeple Are Furious Over It

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12:28 pm 7 Dec, 2017


Bigg Boss 11 is being called as the most controversial season so far. The show is being criticised by many because of the contestants. From Hina Khan’s clever side to Puneesh Bandagi’s relationship, everything has become a burning topic outside the house. After Bandagi Kalra’s eviction last week, the love element has gone from the house. People are discovering a completely different side of Puneesh. Also, Akash aka A Cash is friends again with Puneesh. The self-acclaimed rapper of the house, Akash has often been thrashed by the host of the show, Salman Khan because of his weird behavior.


Earlier, Akash was in the news for behaving unexpectedly with Salman in the Sultani Akhada. Now, the Dadlani rapper is back in the news for forcefully kissing the former ‘Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hain’ actress, Shilpa Shindey. The discomfort of being kissed by Akash without her consent is clearly seen on Shilpa’s face.


Take a look at the video below:

During the initial days of his friendship with Shilpa, Akash has always called her ‘maa’ and this is the reason why tweeple are angrier.  The video has gone viral on the internet and people are demanding Akash’s exit from the show after his behavior. Here’s how people are reacting to the video.



Do you think Bigg Boss should evict Akash for his behavior with Shilpa? Do share your views in the comments section below!

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