Meet Ajeet Saxena, The Man Who’s Helping Maharashtra’s Drought Hit Families

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5:01 pm 7 Mar, 2016


A Chennai-based philanthropist, Ajeet saxena, has come forward and taken responsibility to educate girls of the family of farmers severely affected by Maharasthra drought.

Saxena works in Railways and has been working with volunteers from Sevagram, Maharashtra, for nearly a decade now.


Times of India

Times of India Ajeet Saxena

Saxena has been supporting the cause since 2008.


In the past one decade, he has supported around 200 girls with regard to their education and is now expanding further.



It was back in 2005, that Saxena first learnt about the issue of farmer suicides and was deeply disturbed by what he heard.

He was so deeply moved by what he saw that he wanted to do his bit and took up the responsibility of the girls education for these families.

It has been eight years since he started his initiative and now proudly says, “I now have a family of more 1,000 people in Maharastra.”

Though he is posted in Chennai, he visits Maharastra every few months to take care of his ”family.’

He initially started by providing monthly financial support for the school fee of these girls, but over the years the initiative has grown.

The initiative now  involves a career plan and he has even roped in his IIT batchmates and other industrialist friends to help him with his organization.

Few of  the girls have moved to Chennai because there were lack of good colleges in the area they belonged to. They say private colleges ask for donations and the ones run by the government always look for extremely high marks.


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However, Saxena found an ally in ‘Ragas School of Nursing,’ who had seats for these girls and were considerate towards their financial needs.


Few of these girls now want to become nurses, so they can go back and serve in areas where there are hardly any primary healthcare centres.

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