This Is What Ajay Devgn Said About Kapil After The Promotional Show Of ‘Baadshaho’ Was Cancelled

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7:30 pm 30 Aug, 2017


Recently, it was reported that the promotional show for the film ‘Baadshaho’ was canceled as Kapil Sharma suffered a panic attack.

This was the seventh time that Kapil had called off the show.


It was also said that Ajay Devgn was deeply disappointed with Kapil’s unprofessional behavior, but this story is untrue. During his film promotions in the capital, Ajay Devgn clarified,

We walked out because Kapil didn’t reach the sets. Even we don’t know what happened but the reports that we stormed out in anger are completely wrong.There is no anger here because we have also heard that he has been unwell. The next time I meet him, we will figure it out as at the end of the day, we are colleagues and friends here.

He also thrashed the reports which said that he might not ever come to his show again. He says,


Shah Rukh Khan has also not said anywhere that he will never come on the show. It (the statement) has been given by you guys (signalling at the media at the event).

Sumona Chakravarti, who is part of Kapil’s show, briefed the media about Kapil’s health.

Yes his (Kapil’s) health has not been very good and the name of the show is Kapil Sharma. Unfortunately, he is under a lot of pressure and that’s fair enough. We all have our ups and downs in terms of health.It happens, sometimes you can’t even afford to fall sick but the body does take a toll so it’s okay, and not like he kept anyone waiting and everybody understands when someone is sick, it’s genuine.


But, the problems for Kapil Sharma don’t end here. According to Bollywood life, the channel’s head honchos had a meeting after the ‘Baadshaho’ shoot was canceled. Sources say,

The channel is very stressed after this recent incident. They have sent a verbal notice to him to pull up his socks. They feel they have been very accommodating so far but this is quite unacceptable. This is like a warning.