These 10 ‘Aise Kaise BC’ Memes Are Something That Every Indian Would Relate To

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9:44 pm 8 Jun, 2017

Twitter is famous (or perhaps infamous!) for only one thing; memes. You make a relatable meme, and next moment, it is trending. The same happened with a Twitter user, he expressed his real emotions of India-Pakistan match, and then, Twitterati took over.

1. That’s how the meme started.


2. The footpath is my way.


3. The saving grace?


4. Yeh to kal bhi bola tha?


5. You got hopes? we will kill them.


6. Not again, please.


7. *I am not over yet*


8. You have no choice.


9. Mission impossible.


10. Single forever.


You would be wondering, aise kaise kuch bhi trend ho jata hai?