Twitterati Irked As A Customer Refused To Get Served By A Muslim Representative And Airtel Obliged

2:22 pm 20 Jun, 2018


Remember the incident when an Ola cab user refused to ride with a driver because he was Muslim? Back in 2015, a user from Hyderabad requested this taxi service to provide him with another driver. What seemed like a common request was actually offensive as the rider demanded he will not travel with a Muslim driver and wanted someone belonging from Hinduism. Ola handled the situation quite tactfully by denying the request stating that they don’t discriminate anyone on basis of their religion. Naturally, people applauded this gesture. Recently, Airtel faced a similar situation but their response left Twitterati shocked and surprised.

A user of this telecom service took to Twitter to complain about a pending issue. Here’s the tweet:



Soon, a representative from the company replied promising to resolve the issue:



The lady, instead of talking about Airtel’s failure to provide proper service refused to get served by this particular representative because of his religion. In short, she refused to get served by a Muslim and instead wanted someone Hindu. Here’s the tweet:



At this part, you will expect Airtel to take the higher stand and shut down the customer. Instead, they actually obliged with her Islamophobic request and assigned a representative belonging to Sikhism. They tweeted:



The stunned Twitterati couldn’t believe that Airtel will stoop so low and support bigotry to maintain their business. They showed their rage with tweets:










Also, they were furious with the user who originally made this request. Naturally, netizens slammed her:






What do you think about the fiasco?