Airtel Sends Wrong Bills To A Customer, And This Is What They Paid Him For Compensation

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2:40 pm 21 Aug, 2018


Let’s just accept this: telecom services in India are extremely inefficient. Despite numerous plans and offers, they can’t provide us a simple, feasible connection that is free of problems. Moreover, they will send a computer-generated phone bill every month which is inversely proportional to our usage. We need to take strict, immediate actions against them to end this forgery. And that’s what an Airtel customer, Vineet Krishan, did when he started receiving wrong phone bills

Vineet Krishan, a resident of Chandigarh, had been using an Airtel’s fixed landline and broadband services under the 1,533 plan. Last year, in February, he made a request to Airtel to change his plan to 799 per month.



Now, though he had requested for a change in his plan, Airtel continued to charge him Rs. 1533 till October 2017. Seeing their inefficiency, Vineet stopped paying their bills for two months. He didn’t pay the bill in August and in September. After which, he received a text asking Rs. 4,797 on October 6, 2017.



Still, to prevent discontinuation of his services, he deposited Rs. 4800 a day later. Shockingly, the next day, he received another SMS asking to pay Rs. 6,801.70.  Then, ten days later,  he received an SMS asking for payment of Rs. 3,139. Well, this did not stop here. He got similar texts on October 21, 25 and 28. Gosh!




Fed up of their poor services, Vineet filed a complaint against Airtel. He says, “He is an income tax professional and was supposed to file IT returns of his clients by October 31, 2017. But he had to suffer a huge loss on account of inefficient services.”



After his complaint, Airtel credited Rs. 4,800 and his services were restored. In their defense, Airtel argued that the system is fully computerized, and if the amount is not credited in the account, an SMS is automatically generated. However, the consumer forum has directed Airtel to pay Rs 25,000 compensation and Rs 10,000 to cover litigation costs.

Well, someone has to pay the bill (price!). And this time, it is Airtel!