Ever Wondered Why Airplane Windows Have Small Holes?

11:00 am 14 Jul, 2017


Traveling in a plane is always an exciting thing, particularly if you get a window seat. However, there are a lot of things which you might wonder, if you have not nothing to do. But have you ever wondered why planes have a tiny hole in every window? We have got the answer for you.


The windows of planes have small holes. slate.com

It is a known fact that the air pressure is extremely low at an altitude as high as 35,000 feet. With such a low pressure anyone would pass out if they were exposed to it. Thus pressure is created inside the plane, to a greater extent compared to outside air.

This  pressure is good for passengers, but not for the plane. In this case, the plane needs to have an outlet to release a certain amount of strain. The tiny holes known as bleed holes play an important role in keeping the plane safe at an enormous altitude.


Frost on an airplane window. wordpress.com

A window is usually made of three durable panes. Mark Vanhoenacker, a British Airways pilot, explains that the innermost pane serves as a protection for the second and third panes, which are “designed to contain this difference in pressure between the cabin and the sky.”

The bleed hole balances the pressure between cabin and the gap between panes. They also help to release moisture and reduce the frost or condensation that usually blocks the view.


So now you know it well, why the bleed holes are present. The next time if any one tries to block these holes through their fingers, you can stop them by explaining with logic!