The Air Hostesses Of This Popular Airline Were Strip-Searched Forcibly By The Airline’s Own Security Team

4:36 pm 31 Mar, 2018


Two flights of one of India’s leading airlines, SpiceJet, were delayed by an hour today at the Chennai International Airport because of an unusual protest by the flight’s air hostesses.


The crew members of SpiceJet were protesting at the airport against the security personnel of the airline. They have alleged that they have been forcefully strip-searched inappropriately by the security personnel after de-boarding their flights.




Furthermore, they told that they were not permitted to use the washrooms immediately after the de-boarding and were asked to provide their sanitary pads from their handbags as well for checking.

Air hostesses have claimed that this treatment has been going on for quite a few days. A crew member said:

“One of the security people touched me inappropriately, which made me very uncomfortable. I was naked.”

Agitated over the behaviour of the airline security staff, the women filed a complaint through e-mail to SpiceJet management asking if it was in their policy “to remove the sanitary pads and touch private parts of the crew”.


Another woman’s complaint questioned the safety procedures of the crew who are hired for the security of the passengers boarded on the flights. She mentioned about being molested by the security personnel.



Senior Vice President of SpiceJet, Kamal Hingorani responded to the complaints by the air hostesses saying:

“The security personnel were conducting the check on suspicion of crew members duping money from the in-flight sale and airline materials.”

He further added:

“We were compelled to carry out spot checking, which is company policy. It is in the interest of the company to protect the honest employees and remove the frauds”.




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