AIRGASM: When People Have Sex In The Sky While Skydiving

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Updated on 2 Sep, 2017 at 4:48 pm

Confused with the heading?

No, we are not making up any story. There is a thing called “Airgasm”. When people have sex in the sky while skydiving, that’s called “Airgasm”.


But, why the hell will people have sex in the sky? Isn’t skydiving already pretty much adventurous as well as scary enough? Why mix it with sex?

The term came to be when a woman in search of a good life (money) wanted to break into the porn industry. Well, the adult entertainment industry is the only place where females are paid much more than males. She approached a man who was a pornstar and was equally crazy for skydiving!

He became her mentor and wanted to come up with something unique till he thought of this fusion. He mixed his love for skydiving with sex. And this incredible free-falling sex act gave birth to the term “airgasm”.

Wants to know more about airgasm? Here, check out this video…