6 Quirky Facts About Aircraft Seats That Will Surprise Even A Frequent Flyer

Updated on 5 Apr, 2018 at 2:28 pm


While flying we are usually busy settling in and preparing for the journey ahead. Amidst this urgency, how many of us actually get the time to look around? Have you ever paid attention to the color of the seats? Does color blue persistently pops into your mind? It’s because most of the airplanes choose blue as the color for their seats. The question remains what is the reason behind the same.

Here we have listed the reason along with other facts about aircraft seats that will keep you entertained:

1. Why blue?

Blue is a color that is often associated with safety and reliability. In fact, in the ’80s when an airplane changed its upholstery color to red; it ended up increasing the level of aggression in the passengers.

2. Hide the stain

Stains, dirt, and scrapes are bound to appear because the airplane transports a large number of people on daily basis. The upholstery is not exactly cheaper and cannot be replaced frequently. Hence, blue is selected as it decreases the visibility of stain and other things. That helps in increasing the life of the seats in terms of use.

3. Type of material used

You may find artificial leather for short distance flights but the fabric is always selected for the long-distance ones. This is because the fabric allows the passenger’s skin to breathe and avoid sweat.

4. Cloth on top of the seat

You will always find a small cloth placed on the top of the recliner part. Do you know its purpose? It actually protects the seat material from getting damaged. As this is where people rest their head, without the small cloth the seat will get discolored faster.

5. The window and seat disparity

Ever wondered why the window of the plane often doesn’t match the seat? This happens because most airlines try to squeeze maximum seats that lead to this disparity.

6. Seat with more legroom

If you don’t want to sit with your keens close to your face due to the crunched legroom, then select the seat next to the emergency exit. It has more space where your leg can actually be happy. However, it doesn’t recline.


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