Air India Wants Its Pilots To Make Announcements In Hindi Because Nothing Else Is More Important

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6:55 pm 6 Apr, 2015

Forget about financial problems and undue demands of ministers that once made an Air India executive remark: “I feel like a woman with 1,000 husbands.” Forget about its other problems such as engine trouble and pilots fighting inside cockpits. Air India has something more important to take care of: Language used in announcements.

Air India wants its pilots to make announcements in Hindi. And they are so serious about it that they have decided to reward pilots who do the same.

AI has decided that “details about the announcements made by pilots should be recorded in flight reports”, reports Hindustan Times.

Although no one is explicitly opposing this ‘speak Hindi’ directive, pilots and aviation experts are critical of such moves given the fact that Air India is in a drastic need of financial make over.

“Instead of coming with constructive ideas to make the company a financially viable airline, the top management is only interested in such gimmicks. This only shows how cut-off from reality they are,” said a pilot.

“AI should leave its pilots, who are professionals, to do their jobs, and instead concentrate on other matters that require immediate attention,” aviation expert Rajji Rai said.

Announcements in Hindi will be a nice move, since many of the world’s state airline services use their respective national language in announcements. But Air India should first focus on improving its failing operational health and providing better facilities to passengers rather than stress upon policies that do not translate into profits.


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