AIIMS Bans Bonn Nutrients After Finding Live Rodent In Sealed Bread Packet

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Updated on 15 Oct, 2015 at 10:38 am


In a horrifying in incident that took place in the country’s premier medical institute, the All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS), a live rat was found inside the sealed packet of a brown hi-fiber bread.

The bread that is manufactured by Bonn Nutrients has now been banned  for three years.

While the incident happened back in August, Today News Group, which broke the story, claims to have a copy of the notice served to the manufacturer which was issued on September 24.

The notice bars the company after they failed to submit a satisfactory reply to a showcause notice issued by AIIMS.

The notice reads:


“A live rat was found on 29.07.2015 in the sealed packet of Brown-Hi Fibre Bread Slice manufactured by M/s Bonn Nutrients Pvt. Ltd and the company has failed to submit satisfactory reply to the showcause notice dated 09.09.2015. The company has also failed in keeping ‘Good Manufacturing Practice’. The quality wing of the company has failed in detecting such incident before the supplies are packed in cartons,”

It then goes on to ban the bread maker for three years from supplying any food product to them.

It must be noted that being one of the top medical institutes in India, AIIMS is one of the busiest hospitals in the country. Due to its reputation, thousands of patients get treated at AIIMS daily and even the waiting list of the patients outside the hospital is huge.

Bonn Nutrients produces a variety of food products both in India and abroad.

Their list of food items include breads, biscuits, cakes and cookies which are sold not only in India but across the world.

While the Today group got no response from the the bread division of the company, a senior doctor in AIIMS claimed the incident was true and said that the rat inside the sealed bread packet was noticed by an alert staff member.

Consumption of food items infected by rodents normally leads to allergy, fever and diarrhoea, but in rare cases, it can even cause blood infection and meningitis.

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It’s horrifying to think what might have happened if someone had consumed the infected food item, which is served not only to the staff members but to patients as well.

Many of these patients have undergone surgery and can suffer from severe infections if they consume rodent-infected food items.

A government hospital needs to maintain proper hygiene level in and around its campus at all times and the quality of food products in India has been under the scanner for some time now.

What is more, according to the US FDA, Indian products in recent months were found to contain high levels of pesticides, mould and the bacteria salmonella, according to a report in the Wall Street Journal.



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