AI Humanoid Sophia Gets VISA As The First Robot. Creepy Or Wow?

4:27 pm 30 Oct, 2018


Sophia – Naam to suna he hoga? Yes, we are talking about the AI humanoid who was activated on February 14, 2016 and has been in headlines since her ‘birth’. Developed by a Hong Kong based company Hanson Robotics, she is no less than a human when it comes to the aspect of giving expressions or being witty. Not to forget, her special trait of sarcasm also made news. Now, AI Sophia is all set to do the world tour and is granted VISA too.

However, before that let’s fill you in with another news. AI Sophia is not just any robot but she also holds the citizenship of a country. She was awarded the citizenship of Saudi Arabia.




With the capability of having an almost-natural conversation with humans, it is no wonder that she got a VISA. She was issued VISA upon her arrival at Azerbaijan’s Baku International Airport. She is in Azerbaijan for a tech conference. The most surprising part is that she is the keynote speaker in the event. Just before the event, she also had a brief chat with Azerbaijani president, Ilham Aliyev.



Dressed in simple jacket and skirt, AI Sophia looked almost like an elegant lady. Naturally, that feeling is bound to emerge as this robot is modeled after the famous Hollywood diva Audrey Hepburn.



The instances of AI Sophia portraying her intelligence are many. Once she took the name of Shah Rukh Khan when asked about the Bollywood actor she loves. She also once got engaged in a war of words with Elon Musk. After an interview, this excerpt was tweeted:



Replying to this Elon Musk said:



While some people find her fascinating, there are others who are not so open to the idea of AI Sophia. Here are some of the reactions by netizens.






For those who are still wondering about her, here is a video that will add on to your amazement or concern.



Is it too creepy or do you think it’s wow? What is your take on AI humanoid Sophia getting VISA as a first robot?