After watching this video you will realize how lonely you are just like I did

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7:30 pm 9 Jan, 2014


We love our gadgets; perhaps more than we love our loved ones – ma, papa, kid, sis, buddy, bro et al. It appears as if they do not exist in our world of keystrokes. Doesn’t that make us lonely souls? Isn’t that frightening – the non-realization of our loneliness? Isn’t it time to raise our heads from the brightly lit screens and discover true happiness? It is. It definitely is! This video uploaded on YouTube channel daytodisconnect in 2011 continues to hold relevance in 2014; maybe more than then. Launched as a worldwide movement, spearheaded by Rabbi Zechariah Wallerstein of Ohr Naava, ‘A Day to Disconnect’ took place on October 2, 2011. Thousands voluntarily unplugged their gadgets for some time and found that they were living an existence of a sociopath. It’s time to disconnect from the virtual and connect to the real. We suggest you do it now.


Credit: A Day to Disconnect movement

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