After PadMan, Twinkle Backs Another Short Film On Menstruation By Director Mozez Singh

4:00 pm 28 May, 2018


After a successful stint as a writer, Twinkle Khanna proved her mettle as a producer when she produced PadMan, a new cult film which promoted menstrual hygiene, the first of its kind in Bollywood. Mrs Funnybones was as successful as a producer as she’s as a columnist. Starring hubby Akshay Kumar, Twinkle’s film gained a lot attention because of its rare subject and excessive publicity in the media.


twinkle khanna first period 1




Twinkle‘s choice of subject didn’t end there. She even promoted her film’s tagline with a #PadManChallenge on Twitter, which many Bollywood actors supported and accepted gladly.



Once again, she is supporting the same subject, despite facing a lot of hypocrisy on social media. Twinkle is supporting a short film titled ‘First Period’, written and directed by Mozez Singh, the director behind Zubaan (2016).



After bringing the reality of menstruation to the masses, the actress-cum-writer Twinkle, is backing this new film which deals with this sensitive subject.



‘First Period’ is as evident from its name as the inspiration behind it – the crisis of the first period from a boy’s point of view and how the tables have turned. This unique short film is a new insight from a boy’s viewpoint, thanks to Mozez Singh.



The famed director started work on this film after Dasra, the NGO behind The Gates Foundation, approached him to direct a subject involving men and focus on neutralising gender disparity.



Who better than Twinkle to back his short feature film, right? He got her on-board and is also currently developing his next feature film for a leading digital platform. She announced her new venture with this post:



First Period‘ will be an interesting take on an otherwise ‘taboo’ subject of menstrual cycle. The notion that ‘this is a man’s world’ where everything is perfect without women, will be the highlight of contrasting reality through this film.



Once the short film was ready, Twinkle gave her final nod and was highly impressed with the outcome. According to Mozez, “she felt the film made a solid point and offered her support immediately.”



While Twinkle’s feedback definitely gave Mozez the ultimate confidence, he believes it’s her sole effort in raising awareness of the subject of menstrual hygiene in India through her films and book.

Have a look at the 10-minute-short film here:




Today is World Menstrual Day, and Twinkle Khanna will be launching this short film across her social media platforms. ‘First Period‘ is produced & supported by the NGO Dasra & MH Alliance India, written by Ishani Banerji (Aligarh) and directed by Mozez Singh (Zubaan).