After ‘Catfishing’, ‘Kittenfishing’ Is The Latest Online Dating Lie Used By Singletons!

3:00 pm 10 Aug, 2018


As if online dating wasn’t difficult enough, now apps can make you a fake person too! Often changing your personality is the easiest way to get/feel attractive, but it comes with its own dangers, especially in the dating arena. In today’s competitive field of looking your best always, people are now lying more often than before, to get someone they like. All this is done in the name of just casual dating. This behavior is called ‘catfishing’, which has now upgraded to ‘kittenfising’.

‘Kittenfishing’ is the newest (and dangerous) way to easily get deceived in the dating world. Coined by world-famous dating app Hinge, it’s a (lighter) version of ‘catfishing’.




‘Kittenfishing’ could be as simple as just using a (highly) photo-shopped image of yourself or exaggerating your interests, but it comes with its own pros and cons.


Let’s first look at the top features of the new dating term:


1. It’s similar to ‘catfishing’

More subtle about how you present yourself online in a (more) unrealistic approach.



2. You’re still faking it

You’re twisting the truth a little bit, but not revealing the real version of yourself.



3. A little ‘white lie’ doesn’t harm much!

These little lies about an out-dated photo or riskier past only make it dodgier!



4. You’re part of a real trend!

‘Kittenfishing’ is so common now, that Hinge was forced to install a video version of the app to minimize its effects!



5. It’s not limited to online dating only

If you think about it, ‘kittenfishing’ (literally) happens all the time. People in real life do lie to impress their boss, get favors, or even to be simply liked.



Now, here are 5 red flags of ‘Kittenfishing’ which should make you cautious:


1. One person, but so many avatars!

One person can only change their look so many times! Maybe different lengths of hair, colors, or even texture – but all the time (red flag!)



2. Same prop in all pictures!

Your prospect might want to hide certain features like baldness or skin issues, but wearing the same prop in all pictures – isn’t that alarming?!



3. Profile only features certain shots

This is a clear sign that they are either trying to conceal an insecurity or have a serious physical defect.



4. Most photos feature strange angles!

Pictures taken from certain “angles” can be deceptive – look closely! Especially those “down” angles can weigh off certain pounds on closer look!



5. Some might spell their names incorrectly!

If you come across a “professional”, do have a re-check at their profile or even sneak into their Facebook for confirmation. Chances are if they have done ‘Masters’, then they can’t possibly spell their own spelling wrong!



Can you avoid being ‘kittenfished’? The answer is yes! Here are two ways to avoid it:


1. Have a phone talk at least once!

Having a phone call won’t hurt before wasting your time. If a person claims to be funny, they better laugh even at your PJs! This is the best way to know if something’s fishy.



2. Try Skype or Whatsapp calling before date

You would like to confirm the person you’re seeing online is the same you’re meeting, right? It should be as good as the profile says! Under suspicion, try video calls!




It doesn’t end here. With online dating trends like breadcrumbing and breezing making things more complex than ever, ‘kittenfishing’ adds more woes for the singletons. 38 percent of men have reported to being ‘kittenfished’, as 24 percent of women claim the same.

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