A Superplume Is Making Africa Split Apart And This Could Lead To A Major Change In World Geography

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1:20 pm 29 Mar, 2018


If you think that we live in a perfect world – thing again! The earth is changing gradually, all thanks to the restless tectonic plates floating below the continents and ocean floor. A fault line is slowly ripping Africa apart into two. The Somali and Nubian plates – the tectonic land masses under Eastern Africa – are drifting away from each other by a few millimeters every day. This drifting has given rise to a fault line which has grown much wider this time.


This ‘zone of weakness’ is present in Narok Country in Kenya and has widened because of the excessive rainfall in the region this year. One tear is reported to be 50 feet deep and 66 feet wide.

The tectonic plates began drifting 25 million years ago and it is estimated that approximately after 10 million years, this plate will make two different landmasses and the ocean will fill in between the gap. It has also been reported that the drifting torn apart several homes in the village of Mai Mahiu and the connecting Suswa road.




Although the engineers have been able to fill up the hole and build the road on top it, it is the second time in five years that a gap of this magnitude has been created. In 2011, geophysicist, David Hilton, visited the area to collect rock samples. After a thorough research, Hilton proved that the drift was caused by a superplume and not smaller plumes, as previously thought.



Hilton commented:

“This information will help geologists figure out how the earth’s layers interact on a longer time scale, including the hundreds of millions of years it takes for continents to form—and split.”


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