Afghanistan And Bangladesh Might Join India Against Pakistan By Boycotting SAARC

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8:09 pm 20 Sep, 2016

Whether or not the West reacts against Pakistan, Afghanistan and Bangladesh might join India in boycotting the upcoming SAARC summit. The summit will be held in November this year in Pakistan.

India’s participation in the summit is now under a cloud following the attack on an army brigade in Uri by Pak-based and sponsored terrorists from the Jaish-e-Mohammed.

Afghan ambassador to India Dr Shaida Mohammad Abdali said that there should be zero tolerance for such attacks and countries that sponsor terror.

“We have to make sure that we bring the maximum number of countries and I am sure most South Asian countries are in line with what we think. Therefore, the effort should be comprehensive and we should single out a country that spoils our unity and regional peace,” he told NDTV in an interview.


Like India, Afghanistan and Bangladesh too are victims of Pak-backed terrorists. Therefore, the three countries will reportedly unite to hold a victim of State Sponsored of Terror Conference.

India Today reports that the three countries will produce evidence before the world supporting their claim of Pakistan’s state sponsored terror.

It is very much likely that India will call off diplomatic talks with Pakistan after this dastardly attack that left 18 Indian soldiers dead.

At the same time, efforts are on to isolate Pakistan on the global stage which might be a tad difficult given China’s closeness to Pakistani establishment.

Pakistani Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif, who has been openly sympathizing with terrorists like Burhan Wani, is trying to divert global attention to Kashmir falsely accusing India of conducting “human rights abuses”.

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