12 Reasons Behind Your Affinity Towards Mountains

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12:00 pm 7 Oct, 2015

We love mountains. Everybody loves mountains no matter if they haven’t ever seen them in reality or have spent their lives on their terrains. Mountains attract people towards themselves. There may be something magical about the mountains or some more logical reasons behind your affinity towards them.

1. Hidden secrets

Mountains have hidden secrets in them. This has been mentioned by innumerable authors in their books. Many people try to explore the mountains in search of these hidden secrets.


2. Peace

Mountainous regions are calm and mostly away from the hustle and bustle of the lives of the plains. Peace is something that people try to gain in the lap of mountains for which they may travel to any number of miles.


3. Adventure

Most of the adventure sports belong to the daunting mountains. From river rafting to trekking and even paragliding, mountains offer a range of adrenal pumping activities for adventure seekers.


4. Virgin places

There are a lot of unknown peaks and valleys hidden in the mountains. Their risky terrain and inaccessibility makes them virgin with no human foot having landed over them. Discovering such places attracts explorers towards the mountains.


5. Legends

A lot of legends are attached to the mountains. The description of mountainous regions as the abode of our ancestors in the Mahabharata and many such legendary books has given birth to a lot of stories set up amidst the hills. Unlocking the mysteries of such legends attracts a lot of people towards the mountains.


6. Pure air

Away from the polluted regions of the cities, mountainous areas provide you with pure fresh air. With just the optimum level of humidity and lots of oxygen, people visit mountains in search of this pure air.


7. Nature’s abode

There is no dearth of nature lovers in the world. Mountains are an abode of nature. To view nature at its best, a visit to the hills becomes a must. The closeness to pure natural beauty is another reason behind mountain affinity.


8. Tribal culture

Be it the trans-Himalayan region or the north-eastern hills all have one thing in common and that is the tribal culture of the people residing there. There are many tribes living in the higher reaches and people visit the same to experience an essence of their cultural heritage.


9. Challenging rides

Mountains provide some highly daunting roads and many off-roading drives as well. For the ones who love challenging rides and difficult terrains to spread their vehicles on, mountains are the biggest attractions.


10. Solitude

Apart from peace, mountains have a bounty of space for everyone. Many people look for solitude in the mountains and they get it at higher altitudes. Everyone needs some lone introspective time and hills do not lag behind in providing it.


11. Slower life

Life in the mountains is still very slow. Days are shorter than nights and there is no hurry to complete a task. Such life was a past of many who have now been engulfed by the fast and furious life of the cities. To experience the same good old days, a lot of people resort to the mountains.


12. Splendid wildlife

The rarest of the rare species can be found in the hilly areas. From ibex to yak and a lot of other wildlife including endangered plants are located in the mountains. The love for wildlife and its splendour pulls people towards the hills.



Whatever may be the reason behind the affinity of people towards the mountains, they will never stop loving them. Having visited them once, they revisit the grandeur of the hills again and again.


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