Aesthetic Photography Of American Sights From A High Altitude Can Take The Chill Out Of Your Bones

4:00 pm 24 Apr, 2014


This is not dream, it’s a reality! We have brought you a unique America as seen directly from the clouds. It didn’t just happen, it was all well-planned. Thanks to photographer Margaret Bourke-White who climbed various ‘whirlibirds’ to make these photographs so lively. Take your coffee, sit and soak up in this beautiful atmosphere of American sights created to last till the last drop of your drink and the final bite of biscuit.

1. The Statue of Liberty

The Statue of Liberty

2. The George Washington Bridge

George Washington Bridge

3. Midtown Manhattan (with the entrance to a cross-river tunnel visible at lower left)


Midtown Manhattan

4. Columbus Circle, New York City

Columbus Circle

5. Coney Island, Brooklyn

Coney Island

6. Beach accident, the near drowning of a Coney Island bather named Mary Eschner

Beach accident

7. Location unknown (New York State)

Location unknown

8. Back Bay, Virginia

Back Bay, Virginia

9. Trains after snowfall, Chicago

Trains after snowfall

10. Grain elevator, operated by the Norris Grain Co. on the southeast side of Chicago

Grain elevator

11. Chicago’s famous Wrigley Building looks like candy castle from a helicopter above spire

Wrigley Building

12. Pittsburgh Steamship Co. ship carrying ore to US Steel plant. Gary, Indiana

Pittsburgh Steamship

13. Gary, Indiana, steel plant

Gary, Indiana

14. Water skiers and motorboats speed across the water, Long Beach, Calif.

Long Beach, Calif

15. Freight train traveling through the El Cajon Pass outside San Diego, Calif.

San Diego, Calif

16. Coronado Hotel and its surroundings, San Diego, Calif.

Coronado Hotel

17. Golden Gate Bridge

Golden Gate Bridge

18. Ocean Beach, San Francisco, Calif.

Ocean Beach, San Francisco

19. Farm workers harvesting onions, Burbank, California

Burbank, California

20. Beach riders guide their horses along the shore at high tide at Ocean Beach, near Fort Funston

Fort Funston, Calif

21. Over the Texas star on the San Jacinto Monument near Houston, helicopter-borne camera looks sharply down 570-foot shaft to steps and parking space below

San Jacinto Monument

From: LIFE


Credit: Margaret Bourke-White—Time & Life Pictures/Getty Images

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