Drone Technology Used To Capture Aerial View Of India’s Famous Spots

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6:30 pm 30 Jan, 2016

Do you remember Amir Khan using a drone camera in ‘3 Idiots’?


A new technology has been introduced in photography to capture aerial views. This technology is drone cameras. This is a robot that is like a flying mini copter which can be controlled using a remote. Its ability to capture HD quality images makes it even more useful. It is cheaper as compared to aircraft that were used earlier for photography. It is being recreated by different tech companies, and is being used for wide purposes than just capturing scenic pictures.



These are some amazing aerial views of India’s famous spots captured by a drone camera:


1. A drone was used to capture Jaipur during the making of the film ‘The Girl with Indian Emerald’.  This is the image of the drone capturing a fort of Jaipur.



2. Aerial view of Jama Masjid in Delhi captured using a drone camera called ‘kite’. You can see the city of Delhi along with the Masjid from the top view.



3.  Mahabodhi Temple’s aerial view. Place where Buddha attained enlightenment. The beauty of the temple along with the surroundings has been captured perfectly!



4. Fatehpur Sikri was the capital under Mughal emperor Akbar. A ‘DJI Phantom’ drone has been used to capture this image in its beautiful form.



5. Sacred Hindu river, Ganges, and its ghats at the holy city of Varanasi captured using DJI Phantom.



6. The image is captured by a custom-built Quadcopter. The photo is of Kerela (also known as the Cultural Capital) or the God’s City Thrissur.



7. This is the beautiful church of Goa (Mae De Deus or the Mother oOf God.) which is on the outskirts of Goa captured by DJI Phantom.



8. Memorial of Queen Victoria in Kolkata captured using the quadcopter; the photographer is Amos Chapple.



9. A close view of the Jagannath Temple in Puri which is under construction.



10. This magnificent image of a sunrise at the Lotus Temple in Delhi has been perfectly captured using the quadcopter.


Credit: indipepper


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