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10 Adventure Destinations Where Daredevil Siblings Can Celebrate Rakhi

Published on 29 August, 2015 at 2:00 pm By

In the 21st century, the number of adventurers has risen to a considerable extent. A lot of people are resorting to thrilling activities to quench their thirst for risk and achieve the pumped-up happiness attached to the same. Here we list the top destinations for adventure seekers with the popular sports they offer.

1. Bir-Billing


Adventure sport: Paragliding

Bir is the world’s most beautiful place for paragliding, located in the valleys of Himachal Pradesh. With the adequate amount of thermal air below the parachute, this place is ideal for paragliding activities which are undertaken on a large scale by tourists from all over the world. Billing is the take-off site while Bir and Dharamshala are the major landing areas. Paragliding World Cup 2015 is to be held here in the month of October.



2. Rishikesh

Adventure sport: White-water rafting

Rishikesh provides the best location for white-water rafting and the sport becomes all the more special with River Ganga flowing beneath the raft. There are innumerable whirlpools and a total of 13 rapids on the 16 km rafting stretch from Shivpuri to Laxman Jhula. The area is marked by beautiful sandy beaches, set on the foot of Kumaon hills, where camping becomes a major attraction after the rafting expedition.



White-water rafting

3. Gulmarg

Adventure sport: Heli-skiing

Heli-skiing is one luxurious adventure sport which challenges the extreme ski-lover. Gulmarg provides Heli-rides up to an elevation of more than 15,000 feet and the vertical drop for the skier is around 6,500 feet. These mountains provide skiing extravagance, not only for Heli-skiing, but also for powdered skiing professionals. Snow-boarding is another activity that can be taken up at these heights.



4. Zanskar River

Adventure sport: Trekking

The most sought-after and risky trek in the Himalayas is the Chadar Trek. A 13-day long journey over the frozen river of Zanskar is highly daunting and thrilling for the trekkers. The best time to take up trekking expedition to the Chadar is around mid-January to February. At few places, the river may not be iced and the trekkers may need to risk their lives to hike towards more elevated and safe areas but for adventure freaks, no risk is bigger than their thirst for thrill.



5. Aamby Valley

Adventure sport: Sky-diving

Sky-diving is a highly exciting adventure sport for the people who find freedom in the ocean of air. Aamby Valley is just two hours away from Mumbai and provides sky-dives ranging from 4,000 feet to 10,000 feet. The interesting part of taking up this activity here is that camps provide sky-diving bonanzas throughout the year, unlike other places in India. The dive itself is quite exciting when everything that lies below looks like small dots on a huge colorful sheet of paper.


Sky diving

6. Mohan Chatti

Adventure sport: Bungee jumping

This is another adventure sport owned by Rishikesh. Mohan Chatti is a village in Uttarakhand where one can enjoy a Bungee dip at a height of 83 meters above sea level. This is the highest and the only Bungee destination in India which uses a Cantilever platform. The view is amazing and the adrenal rush, before, during and after the jump, is awesome and charging enough for the adventurer to take another dip.


Mohan Chatti

7. Cherrapunjee

Adventure sport: Caving

A 250-meters-long limestone cave awaits adventure-seekers as caving looks for its identity as an upcoming adventure sport. Limestone caves at Mawsmai village in Cherrapunjee, Meghalaya, are an underground paradise and are visited by tourists from all over the world. Growing stalagmites are a sight to watch in these caves. The cave is dark and a bit claustrophobic which makes this place a bit uneasy for breathing and a bit closer to being an adventurous destination.



8. Puducherry

Adventure sport: Scuba diving

Puducherry, with its extensive east coast, provides for some mesmerizing under-water life. A wide variety of corals, turtles, sharks and even dolphins reside in these waters and scuba diving is probably the best way to have a closer look at them. Swimming knowledge is not necessary for taking up this sport. All you need is a great guide and a beautiful place, both of which are provided by Puducherry and its east coast.



9. Kovalam

Adventure sport: Surfing

Surfing has been a traditional sport in the Kovalam beach. Recently, a surfing revolution has taken place in this region wherein the younger generation seems to be non-alcoholic surfing addicts. Tourism has sprung up and a variety of surf-training schools are coming up. One of the most beautiful beaches in India, this place is an ultimate surfing delight.



10. Manali

Adventure sport: Rock climbing

Manali is surrounded by huge rocky mountains and is therefore an ideal destination for rock climbing. The region provides for some crooked cliffs with a thrilling altitude for adventure-lovers. Not only Manali, but other areas around the Beas region are good enough for rock-climbers. There are several mountaineering institutes which provide support and help regarding this sport which makes things easier for a starter.




These are by far the most risky, adventurous and exciting places of the world where one can satisfy his/her urge to do something extreme to the fullest. These are the top destinations for adventure freaks!




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