11 Adorable Small Dogs Breeds For Those Who Want Tiny Pets

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4:00 pm 10 Nov, 2015

Dogs need a lot of love, care and attention. When it comes to large dogs, they are very friendly and calm but a lot of your time is required for their walks and exercises. Also, big city homes have space problems as well. Keeping a small dog is a solution as they can be kept in apartments. You can select a pet for yourself from this list!


1. Chihuahua

when it comes to grooming, Chihuahuas are low-maintenance dogs. But it can be tough to train them as they get attached to one person; it can become difficult to keep them if you have small children at your place. A chihuahua pup can cost you from Rs. 7000 to 20,000 as this breed has a lot of variation.





2. Brussels Griffon

This was bred as a terrier for hunting rodents but has become an eye catcher nowadays. These dogs are very active and fast learners. As it is a very rare breed and hard to find in India you can still get it at a starting cost of Rs. 19000 to Rs. 25000.





3. Pomeranian

This is a very common breed in India. People buy them as they get along well with children and if trained well, they can prove to be one of the best dogs. They can cost you from Rs. 6000 to Rs. 9000.



4. Affenpinscher

This is again a very rare breed originally from Germany. These are playful indoor dogs who love walks as well. Their price can start from Rs 15,000.



5. Papillon

The name is perfect for this breed, as it means “butterfly eared”. This breed is friendly and self-assured,very energetic and intelligent. They cost can start from Rs 12,000.





6. Yorkshire Terrier

This is the 6th most popular toy breed in the world. They aren’t particularly high-energy dogs. They’re perfect for someone who likes to take a long walk or two every day, then cuddle on the couch. The price starts from Rs. 19,000.



7. Russian Toy

The Russian Toy was bred to be a ratter and watchdog, and thus can be quite vocal. They are loyal andplayful family members, including with kids. They can cost around Rs 22,000.





8. Toy fox Terrier

This tiny dog is a power packed energetic breed. Fast, agile, courageous and smart, the Toy Fox Terrier is great for someone who wants an active, trainable dog small enough for apartment living. They can cost you up to 40,000 because of their rareness.



9. Chinese Crested

They are athletic but the Chinese Crested is a low-energy breed, happy to spend the day curled up in bed next to you as you read the paper. They can share a great bond with the owner if treated correctly. This is a rare breed that can cost up to Rs. 30,000.





10. Miniature Pinscher

They look like the Doberman but are tiny, energetic, and adorable dogs. Easy to adjust in apartments, they can cost up to Rs. 25000.





11. English Toy Spaniel

They are also known as the King Charles Spaniel. These long-haired beauties are mellow and good-natured dogs. Playful but gentle and very loving, this breed becomes utterly devoted to an owner. This rare breed will cost up to Rs. 25,000.





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