Whoa! This Tweet About SRK’s Zero Movie Climax Goes Viral, Adnan Sami Reveals The Truth!

9:19 am 9 Nov, 2018


In this age of social media, anything is possible. Call it the bane of the social media, it has become relatively easy for people to make something fake look original. And it looks that something similar just happened with ace Bollywood singer Adnan Sami. If you are an avid social media user then you must have heard about this fake tweet involving Adnan Sami’s name. Yes, there is a fake tweet which has created a lot of buzz on the digital space.

This tweet is indeed a screenshot which throws light on the climax of Zero! I mean, can you believe that something like this is even possible? This tweet has been made under Sami’s name. After taking a look at the tweet it is quite difficult to tell that if it’s real or fake!




Check out the tweet here:



Now it appears that Adnan Sami has got the news about this tweet, after all, he has clarified about the same!



Take a look at what the veteran singer had to say about it:



So now you know, Sami has revealed that this is a fake tweet. I mean, given the overwhelming reach of the digital space, it has become possible for the people to do notorious activities, don’t you think? Hence, it is our responsibility that we as social media users must be cautious!

Honestly, Zero is one of those movies for which we all have been excited about! The trailer of the movie has already hit YouTube and has garnered a lot of thumbs ups from the fans! The movie is all set to grace the silver screens on December 21.

If you are among those, who couldn’t watch the trailer, then don’t worry, you can it here:





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