A Pakistani Fan Reminded Adnan Sami To Wish Eid. His Reply To Him Taught Him A Good Lesson

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2:11 pm 19 Mar, 2018


The tensions on Indo-Pak border because of repeated incursions by Pakistan sponsored terrorists have created an atmosphere of distrust and angst between people of India and Pakistan. We got a glimpse of this when a die-hard Adnan Sami fan reminded the singer to wish the people of Pakistan during Eid just the way he wishes his fellow Indians at the time of festivities.


The singer had wished ‘Happy Ugadi’ to everyone on Twitter. This festival, Ugadi, marks as the New Year’s Day for the people of Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Karnataka, and Maharashtra.


In reply, one of his lovable, insecure fan tweeted an odd comment:



After reading this comment, Adnan Sami, who has always been a strong supporter of peace, made sure that his fan is taught a valuable lesson.

This is what he tweeted back:


What a beautiful reply. A celebration is, indeed, beyond borders and religion. Twitterati appreciated his strong and an insightful message.