Adnan Sami Tweeted A Selfie With The Great Khali, Left Tweeple In Splits By Trolling Himself

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6:15 pm 12 Nov, 2017


Remember Rani Mukherjee dancing magically on Adnan Sami’s soothing voice in his one of his first songs “Tera Chehra”? From “Lift Karade” to “Jaan Meri Ja Rahi Sanam”, Adnan left us humming his songs for hours and falling in love with them over and over again.


We don’t hear much about the singer these days but of course, he always tries to connect with his fans via his official social media handle. So recently when Adnan met The Great Khali, the singer decided to post a selfie with him on Twitter.

Well aware of the fact that trolling and slamming is the new sexy on the internet these days, Sami trolled himself while tweeting the selfie for his fans.

As we all know how literally great ‘The Great Khali’ is, you can hardly see Sami in the selfie. But the funniest is the caption that the singer has given to their selfie. Here’s what Adnan Sami tweeted:

The selfie took no time to go viral. Adnan’s tweet made tweeple burst into laughter. Here’s how people have reacted to his tweet:

Moral: While taking selfies has always been fun but taking a selfie with The Great Khali is not easy!




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