A Student Was Issued An Admit Card With The Topless Photo Of An Actress

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Updated on 2 Sep, 2017 at 7:21 pm

Admit card.

For many, it is a scary piece of paper which gives us an ultimatum that exams have indeed arrived. But for some, it is a playground of pranks as they successfully fool the education board by registering fake admit cards with obscene photos. And this is what a student of Bihar who was appearing for the inter-level competitive examination did. He/she was issued an admit card which had a nude photo of Antara Biswas (Stage name: Mona Lisa). Antara is a Bhojpuri actress and a contestant in ‘Bigg Boss 10’.

This is how the admit card looked like:  


They say that goof-up happened because the student’s name is Mona Lisa Singh, which resembled the stage name of Antara Biswas, Mona Lisa. Suspiciously, it looks like a well-planned prank.

Such pranks often happen in competition exams. In an another funny instance, a cow was issued an admit card. A student registered for the college exams with the name ‘Kachir Gaw’ (blond cow) and the examination board ignorantly passed the card as well.

Another prankster on loose:


This is not it. There is an another one who is the smartest of them all. Someone issued the admit card with the Prime Minster’s name for appearing in CRPF’s entrance examination.

No acche din in the education system.


After all this, we are seriously wondering,

God help the education system.