Study in India


Mangalore is a port city in the state of Karnataka, and is one of the developed cities in the country. It has always been an important destination when it comes to education and also health care. The numerous colleges and universities in Mangalore attract thousands of students from not just the neighbouring states, but also from across the country. Mangalore is home to some of the best colleges for Undergraduate, Post Graduate and Ph.D. programs. Bright Line Education have association with most of the renowned colleges and universities enabling us to give undeterred services pertaining to the admission process, finding suitable accommodation etc. Our responsibility extends even after the admission process is over.



Bangalore is the capital city of Karnataka and has both government and private universities. There are over 500 colleges offering courses which are relevant in today's world. Admission to most of these colleges becomes a tedious process for students coming from a different state. Our association with these colleges helps us in giving proper guidance to students.


Tamil Nadu

Tamil Nadu's higher education comes under The Directorate of Collegiate Education (Departmet of Collegiate Education) The Directorate of Technical Education (Department of Technical Education) and Department of Archives and Historical Research. Education system in Tamil Nadu is well advanced in its curriculum and also infrastructure.