This Braveheart Cycled 4000 KM From Kashmir to Kanyakumari In Just 19 Days

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5:44 pm 23 Nov, 2015


Cycling is exhausting for many. But not for Hubballi (Karnataka) youth Adarsh Kumar, who spent 19 days in cycling 4000 kilometers from Kashmir to Kanyakumari.

Kumar began his journey from Srinagar on November 1 to mark Karnataka Rajyotsava and ended it on November 20 at Kanyakumari.

Talking to TOI , he described his journey full of pain and pleasure.

The plan for this adventurous cycling trip was made a year ago with proper research about all the places and getting relevant information for the ride.

While describing his journey, he said he faced a lot of hurdles in Samba district in Jammu. He added that his bicycle got two tyre cuts due to the road full of stones.


“I had to walk for about 20km with my bicycle and luggage. Between Srinagar and Delhi, my journey was misrouted and I had to take a longer routed which added about 70 km to the ride.”



Severe cold in the Himalayan region took a beating on his health.

Taking rest for a day only, he continued his journey towards central India where it was hot. After about two weeks he reached South India where he was welcomed with heavy showers .

He was down with the fever once but that couldn’t break his courage to complete his journey. A doctor in Anantapur, Andra Pradesh suggested Adarsh to end his journey but he continued to move on with full confidence.

“I had only one aim — to reach my destination Kanyakumari on November 20. On the 18th day, I cycled a distance of 371 kms in 24 hours. Finally, I reached Kanyakumari.”


He was welcomed by many politicians and senior officers of Kanyakumari. Adarsh covered approximately 4,000 km during this trip.

He thanked Aequis, Techstore, Hubballi Bicycle Club for sponsoring his ride which cost about Rs 3 lakh.



Paavan Solanki, founder of World Amazing Records (WAR), Ahmedabad, has said that the organisation has received a proposal of the record by Adarsh. He said after verifying his documents, he’ll announce his record.