Want To Be A Certified Sanskari Bahu Like Tulsi? Join Barkatullah University For The Adarsh Bahu Course!

4:55 pm 18 Sep, 2018


What is the life’s motto for a girl? Grow up, get married, become a mother, and carry on the unpaid roles until you take your last breath. Why ask? Isn’t it so obvious! However, the evil clutches of modernity that encourages them to get empowered is certainly posing a great threat to this grand plan for females. Don’t you worry though, now the Barkatullah University in Bhopal has taken upon itself to offer a perfect solution! What? Silly, it’s the much-needed adarsh bahu certificate course.

Before we enlighten you with the details of the course, there is an interesting news you need to know. Few days back, a news was doing its round on the internet about the course of adarsh bahu by Indian Institute of Technology-Banaras Hindu University. Besides other netizens, musician Vishal Dadlani also posted about the news.



Thankfully, later it turned out that the speculations were false. If you are thinking that’s the case again, then hold your horses! It is because this time the adarsh bahu course is being offered in real.



Are you wondering that how can someone start such a course? More importantly, what’s the reason? Well, why don’t you read what Vice Chancellor of the institute said:

“This is a three-month course. These days, we see that social evils are breaking families apart. We are starting the course so that families remain intact. This is not a course about the relationship between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law but about how to keep the entire family from breaking apart.”



Enraged? Well, it gets worse! This is what he said next:

‘We see that these days there are disputes in families over small issues and families are breaking apart. People are fighting within a year of marriage and the issue even goes to the extent of a divorce. Now what will happen to the girl and the family? So should we not do something that saves the family from breaking apart? ‘



I do have a question here, is it only the woman’s responsibility to keep a family together? Apparently, it seems so!



Not only these, he graciously offered to explain what the course will be all about. Want to know? Read for yourself:

‘We will teach students how to deal with difficult situations and save the family from breaking apart. We will also examine the evils in society that have contributed to such break downs. We will teach how to save family from such evils. It is our endeavor to work towards women’s empowerment through this course.’



Rightly said, Sir! After all, women empowerment is all about fitting into the stereotypical image of the sacrificing naari whose only aim is to fulfill the demands of the society.

What is even more bizarre, the VC confirmed that already 30 girls are admitted in the first batch. Furthermore, feedback about the girls will also be collected from the parents after completion of the ‘progressive’ adarsh bahu course.



Further,  head of Psychology further added that:

‘It is a noble thought. VC Gupta wants to a make difference in society. I can’t comment about the rest.’



Indeed the sure shot way of making sure that families stay intact is by making girls take the adarsh bahu course. Well, if you are enraged by now, then you are not alone. Naturally, the netizens didn’t take this upcoming course too happily. Here’s what they said:








Keeping the ridiculousness and stupidity of the course aside, I can’t help but ask a question. Will Alok Nath be the professor?

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