Adah Sharma’s Final Tweet To All Those Who Called Her A Hypocrite For Refusing To Kiss A Fan Is Truly Epic

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1:15 pm 7 Dec, 2017


What was meant to be an entertaining chit-chat session with fans, it turned out to be unpleasant experience for ‘Commando 2’ actress Adah Sharma. While she was having a a fun communication with her fans, one of them suddenly asked her for a kiss.

Adah said a firm no to his demand but the “middle-aged, married man” went on a shameless rant. Surprisingly,  nobody from the crowd bothered to stop him.

Adah Sharma. Youandi

Recalling the incident, Adah told the Times of India:


It happened when I was in Mumbai, waiting to catch a flight to Goa. Before boarding my flight, a live interaction with my fans who had come from different cities was arranged. It was there that this 30-plus, married man asked me to kiss him publicly. His audacity to ask me to kiss him was shocking enough. But even after I said ‘NO’, he had the gall to ask me, ‘Why? You kissed in Commando 2 and also had a 1-hour-45-minute kiss in Heart Attack. I’m like your brother or father — what’s the big deal? I’m asking to kiss me on my cheeks’.

‘Commando 2’ actress Adah Sharma. Celebwikis

It is quite obvious as well as understandable that the actress was quite furious with the man’s behavior but chose to let it go. She further adds:

I’m usually a very positive person and I stay away from controversy so, I didn’t react or say much else at that time. I thought there were so many other amazing fans there, who had come all the way from so many cities just to meet me. By reacting or creating a scene there, I didn’t want to ruin their experience. But later, when my friends saw my outburst on Twitter and read about the incident online, everyone asked me why I didn’t slap the shameless guy.

Adah Sharma said that she stays away from controversies. Highlightsindia

But the actress who prefers to stay away from controversies perhaps could not control her resentment this time. Recently, Adah took to Twitter to express the same in a series of tweets. Here are the tweets she came out with:










However, Tweeple called her a hypocrite and a man-hater for refusing to kiss a fan off-screen while she has been doing kissing scenes on-screen. Here are some reactions:











But for all these who called her a hypocrite and anti-men, Adah had a final and bang-on message. Have a look at it below: