It’s Actually A Starbucks But They Won’t Tell you Until You Reach This Tea House Of Mt. Huashan

8:00 am 29 Mar, 2014


Seriously, are you ready to do this? This is one of the most dangerous and terrifying hikes. The trails up Mount Huashan involve steep staircases, vertical ascents, and a plank trail consisting of wooden platforms bolted onto the mountainside. Check out the images below and see what Mount Huashan looks like.


The Heavenly Stairs

heavenly stairs



Continuing up the Heavenly Stairs



 Towns supporting the temples at the peaks

safe place

Gandola Ride

gandola ride

The path where gandola ride drops

planks path

Series of chains and carabiners

metal stakes

Closest landing

going bck

Flags mark which path you’re on

larger standing area

direct line to the peak

mountain slope


The final stretch

final strech


This path brings you to the peak

on the top







Credit: UQPU