16 Times Bollywood Heroines Got Famous Because Of Their Viral MMS

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Updated on 15 Oct, 2018 at 2:15 pm


B-town controversies are an everyday thing. The celeb life comes in package with scandals like linkups, rumours and hook-ups. The kind of attention and publicity that these Bollywood celebs and especially actresses get isn’t always a blessing. Their privacy is breached on several occasions and they are recorded or photographed in compromising situations too. One such scandalous way is through Bollywood heroine MMS videos. Someone (people say it could be the actress herself too) records private moments like kissing, making love, showering or even changing clothes, and these Bollywood MMS are then somehow leaked. From then on it spreads like wildfire and along comes limelight and publicity, but not in a good way!


Here are such viral Bollywood MMS


1. Kareena Kapoor



Though Shahid and Kareena are leading their separate happily married lives now, there was a time when their affair reached a hilt thanks to an MMS that went viral in which they were both kissing each other quite passionately.


Kareena Kapoor - bollywood mms


2. Riya Sen

Private moments between actress Riya Sen and her then boyfriend Ashmit Patel recorded and shared on MMS went crazy viral and made both of them quite famous for all the wrong reasons. Also, she was part of a controversy where she pulled down the pants of a co-star.


Riya sen leaked bollywood mms


3. Mallika Sherawat

Known for her bold roles in movies like Khwahish and Murder, Mallika gained even more popularity after an MMS of hers went viral. She is one among such who gained quite some fame due to controversies, be it Bollywood heroine MMS or something else.


Mallika Sherawat leaked Bollywood MMS


4. Soha Ali Khan


An MMS that went viral made Soha Ali Khan more famous than any of her movies or roles ever did. The actress never commented on the incident.


Soha Ali Khan leaked - Bollywood MMS


5. Radhika Apte


Before she got into commercial cinema, Radhika Apte was known for her off beat and meaningful roles, but what made her more famous was a leaked MMS that went viral all over the country. The video was made when she was shooting for a movie.


Rashika Apte leaked - Bollywood MMS


6. Mona Singh

The ‘Jassi Jaisi Koi Nahi’ actress found herself in the middle of an MMS scandal too which got her quite a lot of negative publicity and fame.


Moa singh leaked - Bollywood MMS


7. Preity Zinta

It wasn’t just her cute dimples that gave her publicity after all. A viral MMS was responsible for adding to her fame too. In the video she was seen showering. The actress later got a legal notice and proved that the video was fake.


Preity Zinta leaked - Bollywood MMS


8. Sonakshi Sinha

An MMS in which Sonakshi is sharing intimate moments with someone went crazy viral a few years back and made her famous for wrong reasons.


Shonakshi Sinha leaked - Bollywood MMS


9. Hansika Motwani

From a child artist to a leading lady in Bollywood as well as South Indian film industry, Hansika has been around for a long time in the entertainment industry but a viral MMS shot her to fame like nothing else could.


Hansika Motwani leaked - Bollywood MMS


10. Sherlyn Chopra

Kama Sutra wasn’t enough for Sherlyn Chopra to reach fame but a viral MMS definitely fed her enough publicity.


Sherlyn Chopra leaked - Bollywood MMS


11. Katrina Kaif

Katrina shot to fame much before her ‘actual’ debut thanks to leaked scenes and MMS from the movie Boom.


Katrina Kaif - bollywood mms


12. Veena Malik

The only things that made Veena Malik famous were her stint in Big Boss and a viral MMS. Talk about earning fame through controversy!


Veena Malik leaked - Bollywood MMS


13. Poonam Pandey

Now and then, Poonam Pandey manages to grab eyeballs from controversial statements to scandalous picture uploaded on social media. Her best shot to fame was through a viral MMS though.


Poonam Pandey leaked - Bollywood MMS


14. Preeti Gupta

The little fame that she got from her role in sitcom Kahaani Ghar Ghar Ki shot to the roof thanks a viral MMS.


Preeti Gupta leaked - Bollywood MMS


15. Shilpa Shinde

Big Boss fame Shilpa Shinde gained even more popularity after an MMS of hers went viral.


Shilpa Shinde leaked-  Bollywood MMS


16. Rakhi Sawant

Rakhi is controversy’s favorite child. She has always gained publicity because of the wrong reasons and the viral MMS was just another episode in that.


Rakhi Sawant leaked - Bollywood MMS


Indeed fame in this industry comes with a disclaimer saying, ‘At any cost!’ Which Bollywood mms shocked you the most?



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