This ‘Tarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashma’ Actress Raises A Very Important Question About India’s Education System

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9:00 pm 16 Jul, 2017


Munmun Dutta, or Babita from “Tarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashma“, is renowned for her acting skills. Well, not only that, she is also famous for her dedication to social causes.


Munmun Dutta plays Babita ji in ‘Tarak Mehta Ka Oolta Chashma’. Stars Unfolded

Recently, the actress wrote an open letter on the education system of India. Dutta funds the education of her house help and hair dresser’s daughter. The beautiful actress has now written openly about the increasing school fee and the system of education in the country.

She wrote:

Education is everyone’s right. Be it a boy or a girl. In my case, it was the plight of a widow and her 6-year-old girl who needed this help. I’m also very appalled at the fact that schools here charge lakhs per year as fees or donations to impart education to kids! Seriously?

It has supposedly become mandatory for everyone to pay huge donations to get their kids admitted. Their yearly fees gives me the fright. When & how did education become a business I wonder. We studied in schools as well without all the ‘fancy trimmings’ that these schools offer & we turned out fine as individuals. My middle class parents would have got a heart attack if these donations & fees existed then.
I sincerely hope that some kind of restrictions are put on such private schools & tuition charging exorbitantly for education. Pathetic!


And then comes all these tuition classes with their big advertisements & hoardings making parents believe that they can do wonders! Seriously there needs to be a check on all these schools & colleges charging exorbitantly in return for education which is everyone’s right.

Government schools are no good. So I wonder where would a middle class parent go in the next few years if such higher fees & demands continue.

Ecole Mondiale is undoubtedly the most expensive school in India. India Today

Dutta had learnt about the sky-rocketing fees of schools while discussing matters with one of her co-actors. We cannot help but agree with the actress. The education system in India is no longer a system based on trust and imparting knowledge, but has grown to become a ceaseless business.

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