Not Shraddha Kapoor, But This Beautiful Actress Played The Role Of Chudail In Stree!

6:04 pm 12 Sep, 2018


Ever since the movie Stree has hit the box office, a lot is being said about it. The movie has been doing well at the box office. Directed by Amar Kaushik, the film has raked in around 85 crores. Kudos to the entire cast and crew of the film! We all have seen Rajkummar Rao and Shraddha Kapoor performing their hearts out in the film. But I guess only a few people did actually wonder about the “Stree” in the movie Stree. Putting it simply, do you have the slightest of idea about the actress who played the witch in Stree. 

Well, let me say this, a lot goes into making a successful movie. Even the smallest of effort counts and can create a major difference in the overall performance of the film. And the actress who played the witch in Stree has made one such contribution!



So when you came outside the cinema hall, didn’t you feel like asking, who was the witch in the story? Worry not mate, we are here to answer this question.



It appears that people are confused, and thought that it’s Shraddha Kapoor. But that is not the case. Apparently, the role was portrayed by popular South actress Flora Saini. In an interview, the diva mentioned:

“I don’t think anyone of us thought that Stree would do this well. Maybe because it’s a horror-comedy. It’s new and fresh. It is totally experimental. But the kind of response we have got, I’m sure nobody was ready for it.”


We got a hold of the actress’ official Instagram account, and here are some of the most beautiful pictures of the actress:




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Her smile is beautiful!



When your eyes speak!







She is gorgeous!



Keep smiling!



Gorgeous indeed!



Well, I think that her role in the movie was justified and significant too. What do you think?