Actress Sri Reddy Targets Another Filmmaker, Leaks WhatsApp Chat With Director Kona Venkat

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10:55 pm 12 Apr, 2018


After exposing top Telegu filmmaker’s son and actor Rana Daggubati’s brother Abhiram in alleged casting couch cases, Telegu actress Sri Reddy has once again targeted another top filmmaker and leaked WhatsApp Chat with him where he has made advances on her.

Reddy, who has taken up a fight against casting couch in the Indian movie industry over the days has been unstoppable.

After protesting nude over the controversy, she has targeted known names who are misusing their power to take advantage of women in the industry.


Her recent target in the above controversy is filmmaker Kona Venkat who sent her late-night messages where he has allegedly tried to make advances on her.

Soon after Reddy’s revelation, Kona took to Twitter and slammed her for her witch-hunt against the industry. He also declared that he plans to pursue legal action against Sri Reddy so the truth can be exposed.


He soon sent out a second tweet, where he showed support to other film personalities and called Sri Reddy’s protest a “cheap publicity stunt.”


In the past week, Reddy has stripped nude so as to protest against the casting couch in the movie industry and declared that she plans to reveal the dark truth of people in the Telegu film industry.

Since her declaration, she has already leaked her intimate photos with Rana Daggubati’s brother Abhiram and claimed that he had forced sex with her in Hyderabad studio so as to exploit her and use her.



What are your thoughts on Sri Reddy’s latest claim, do you think there is any truth behind it? Please let us know in the comments section below.

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