Ramayana Actress Mahika Sharma ‘Exposes’ Sexual Pervert On Instagram With Truly Badass Reply!

11:26 am 24 Jul, 2018


Like other TV actresses like Hina Khan, Ramayana actress Mahika Sharma has also been a victim of sexual harassment on social media. These days, actresses are trolled for posting skimpy dresses, doing hot photo-shoots or just being ‘bold’. There seems to be no end for social media harassment, which is at its peak these days. Most of these trolls get away but some sensible actresses give it back to the trollers in a befitting manner. Actress Mahika Sharma is not the one to sit quiet when she becomes a target.

Earlier, the FIR’s actress was in the headlines after she shared her horrifying ordeal of being eve teased and manhandled at Puri’s Jagannath temple during Holy Rath Yatra festival. This is her Instagram post:




In her response to harassment, 23-year-old actress Mahika Sharma said, “Being an actress, I knew people will give feedback both ways. I spoke about the incident to scare the young guy. Also, next time people should know result of messing with me.”



The Assamese actress has done minor roles in Bollywood movies ‘Mardaani’ and ‘Mr. Joe B. Carvalho’. She once famously called Hina Khan, the Barbie doll of ‘Bigg Boss 11‘ season.



Talking of controversies, actress Mahika Sharma is most famous for revealing her sexual desires for Pakistani cricketer Shahid Afridi. Read her account here.



Zee TV’s ‘Ramayan’ actress also made headlines when she called British adult film actor Danny D her ‘super hero’ in this Instagram post:



And now, Mahika has taken to photo-sharing app Instagram (47k + followers) to expose a pervert, who she took down like a true badass.



Some ‘Gaurav’ messaged her asking for sexual favours, but Mahika didn’t reply back directly. Instead, she shared a screenshot of his ‘vulgar’ and ‘obscene’ comments in which he asked to ‘use’ his private parts!



Instead of sitting down, actress Mahika Sharma shamed him back and even corrected his wrong spelling of ‘penis’. Not just that, she even used hashtags #Bollywood #Instagram #harassment #sex #nonsense and #India to make her point!

See Mahika Sharma’s Instagram post here:



Guess Mahika has more guts than the pervert who wanted to please her! What did you think of her comment? Tell us in the comments.