After Almost 60 Years, Actress Daisy Irani Opens Up About Being A Victim Of Child Sexual Abuse

2:02 pm 23 Mar, 2018


Bollywood is a world that is entangled with controversies. Once in a while, those superficial controversies open up to reveal the darkness that is hidden within. One of the crude secrets of this industry is the aspect of child molestation and abuse.




This is the elephant in the room that no one dares to admit. Recently, veteran actress Daisy Irani came out with her story of sexual assault as a caution to the parents. Her story is the evidence of the fact that this practice prevailed in the B-town since a long time.


She is the best-known child star of India from the 1950s. As a kid, this curly haired cutie appeared in legendary films like, “Bandish,” “Naya Daur,” and “Jaagte Raho.”


She revealed that she faced sexual assault when she was just 6-years-old and by someone who was supposed to be her guardian. During the outdoor shoot of “Hum Panchhi Ek Daal Ke,” this person “violated” her in his hotel room. She further shared that he also beat her with a belt and threatened her by saying he will kill her if anyone knows about the incident.

“The man who did this was supposed to be my guardian. He accompanied me to a film shoot (hum panchhi ek dal ke) in Madras. One night in the hotel room he violated me, hit me with a belt and warned me that he would kill me if I ever told anyone about what had happened.


Even after so many years, she can recall the “killing pain” from the incident. Forced into the world of Bollywood by her mother when she was just four, this lady recalled another incident – a producer named Mallikchand Kochar groped her when she was 15. She further shared that her mother was desperate to make her a star and therefore these incidents went unnoticed and unresolved.


Irani broke her silence after almost 60 years to reveal this darkest trauma of her life as a caution. She urged the parents to become more attentive towards the children who are working as child artists in films and TV serials. She said:

“Child actors have it tough. In a majority of cases, they have been taken advantage of. Maybe a few have had it easy, but most don’t, really”




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