Actress Aishwarya Sakhuja Suffered A Paralysis Stroke, Still Worked For Those 25 Days Of Her Life

7:48 pm 27 Nov, 2017


Actors are too particular about their looks and body. They push themselves really hard just to be ahead in the rat race, knowing that there are others who can replace them anytime. Bollywood and TV industry have seen many actors rising to the zenith of fame and then losing it as time goes by.



They are being judged on their skills and youth. Peculiarly when it comes to actresses, looks matter a lot. Imagine how severely the career of an actress could suffer if one part of her face is paralyzed.

TV actress Aishwarya Sakhuja suffered a severe facial paralysis from a stroke while she was shooting for her TV show ‘Main Naa Bhoolungi’.



Aishwarya Sakhuja during her shoot.

“I was unable to even blink as the right side of my face stopped functioning. I would appear to be winking during my scenes and it became difficult to emote a scene. It took almost a month for me to recover and I was put on steroids throughout,” reveals the actress as per a report in the TOI.


The actress suffered from paralysis.

She further mentioned in the report that it was a really scary situation. That time she had also feared that she might lose on her career that she had built in the television industry after working for years. She mentioned further in the report:

“A whole lot of questions would run through my head; what if I didn’t recover from this? What if my face stopped functioning permanently? Nothing is more important to an actor than his face.”


Aishwarya Sakhuja during a shoot.

Apart from this, she mentioned a very important fact. Aishwarya explained that despite her severe health, she kept working on her show and was not even allowed to take a single leave for those 25 days of her life.


She contended that the makers of the show had no choice but to make her work keeping aside everything.