Bhushan Kumar’s Name Dragged In The #MeToo Movement, Actress Accuses Him Of Asking For Sexual Favors!

3:27 pm 14 Oct, 2018


#MeToo movement is something which seems to be taking the whole industry by storm right now. By far we have seen that many women have come forward to raise their voice for the cause. Sadly, many known names have been dragged in the case. One such name is of Bhushan Kumar. Yes, we are talking about the T-series chairman. An actress has accused Bhushan Kumar of asking for sexual favors.

An actress, who remains to be anonymous has put the allegation on Bhushan Kumar. She had shared her #MeToo story via micro-blogging site, Twitter.




Take a look at the tweet made by the anonymous woman:



Take a detailed look at her post in which she has accused Bhushan Kumar:







It seems that Bhushan is really shocked with the allegation and dismissed the same . I mean, his statements say it all.

Talking to PTI, this is what the producer had to say,

“I am appalled and anguished to know that my name has been dragged in this #MeToo by some anonymous person(s). The allegations against me are bad on the face of it. I have enjoyed an impeccable reputation and have always maintained professionalism. The tweet has been used as a tool to defame me and malign my reputation.”



He further stated,

“I have taken this allegation very seriously and lodging a complaint with the cyber cell of the Mumbai Police to track the mysterious people(s) whose twitter handles have disappeared within seconds of uploading the malicious tweet. I’ll take all such actions as I will be legally advised.”


In this tense moment, it appears that Bhushan’s wife Divya Khosla Kumar is supporting him like a stone.



Divya took to her official twitter handle and showed that she is indeed standing with her hubby:




Do you think this anonymous actress who has accused Bhushan Kumar is telling the truth? Or is there some other side of the story? Let us know in the comments

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