Actor Rajpal Yadav Forms Political Party, Will Contest In Upcoming UP Elections

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1:29 pm 28 Oct, 2016

Bollywood actor Rajpal Yadav on October 27 announced that he is forming his own party and would be contesting the Uttar Pradesh Elections next year.

Yadav, who till now has been known for his funny antics in Bollywood, said that he has named his political front ‘Sarva Sambhav Party’ (SSP) and that his party would be not be fighting elections for disruption but for communication.


He said, that though he is entering politics, his way would be different, and would teach people how politics should be fought and how democracy can be solidified.

Yadav, who was  in Lucknow on October 27, said that via his party he just wants to serve and help people.


He then went on to add that his party is in no way attracted to power, seat or glory and only want to help people and would always be committed towards it.

He clarified that his party has been formed not because it’s election season, but because it’s the right time.


Election time is the only time one can express his thoughts among the people and they can give them their feedback.

It is the only time one can creatively and in a meaningful way discuss the matter with people and find a solution for it.

He added that it’s a start of a long-term campaign and not just a short-term “fashion” where people come only to gain political power.

He then once again clarified that his party is not short term party which is formed just before the election, but a long-term campaign which is in  favor of development.


His party aims to develop; but not build “Metro Rails” overnight. They first want to start by providing arrears to farmers and then move on to bigger things.

They first plan to connect every village with roads first and then build expressways.


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