Passenger Tweets Dirty Window Picture To Suresh Prabhu; Minister Got It Cleaned

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1:59 pm 17 Mar, 2016


Indian Railway ministry is setting an example of an efficient governance.

Recently, an Ahmedabad-based passenger, Udit Rajpara, boarded the Mumbai-Ahmedabad double decker train from Mumbai. But, what he found was an unclean glass window near his seat. He said he couldn’t see through it.

Then he tweeted Railway minister Suresh Prabhu and the Divisional Railway Manager of Central Mumbai about it.




To his surprise, he got a reply within few minutes. He was told that his problem will be addressed at Valsad station.



The 25-year-old chartered accountant said, “However, within a few minutes, three people from train staff came to him and spoke to him. The next station was Vapi and before we could reach Valsad, the window was cleaned at Vapi.”




Not only that, after each station, a team of three-four people along with supervisor were ready at all stations to clean the window.

He says, “I was impressed by this prompt action. The supervisor at every station politely asked me if I needed any other assistance.”



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