Female Doctor Creates Acid-proof Make-up, And It Can Be A Big Help For Women In India

5:42 pm 31 Oct, 2018


In the UK alone, acid attacks have risen by the clock. When some insane attacker throws a corrosive liquid on another person, he’s likely to get away, but not those scars. The acid chemical burns the skin deeply, just like the trauma which accompanies it. For most victims, it causes permanent disfigurement, or scarring. Now, in an extraordinary development, a doctor has created acid-proof make-up to protect vulnerable victims.

Dr. Almas Ahmed, the creator of acid-proof make-up, was inspired by 32-year-old acid attack victim and eliminated ‘Strictly Come Dancing’ contestant, Katy Piper.



Katy Piper’s ordeal in 2008 caught the attention of the world as the beautiful TV personality suffered severe burns after an attack planned by her ex-boyfriend.




The doctor spent 10 years making this acid-free make-up which consists of a special chemical to protect wearers from possible acid burns.



Dr. Ahmed put down £60,000 of her own money in developing this revolutionary compound known as ‘Acarrier’ which doesn’t react with any corrosive substances like acid.



‘Acarrier’ is currently in the form of foundation cream. It’s made up of very strong bonds which make the structure impenetrable.



The anti-acid make-up is waterproof and high heat resistant. Dr. Almas Ahmed’s product can easily withstand heat up to 400°C!



Dr. Ahmed also hopes to soon add a knife-proof moisturizer and sun cream category as well. The doctor says,

“It’s basically just a foundation, it looks, feels, smells, works just like regular makeup, but it’s completely heat-proof and acid-proof.”




Currently, Dr. Almas Ahmed’s acid-free make-up is being tested in India. Acid attacks have risen drastically in the UK – with 450 cases reported in London alone in 2016, which is double of 2014. Such inventions are a scientific boon to society and very much needed in today’s modern world.

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