Brave Acid Attack Victim Wins The Day By Sharing Her Recovery Photographs

Updated on 7 Sep, 2017 at 4:21 pm


Acid attacks over failed relationships and unfulfilled love make for a heart rendering reality in India. In fact, with every passing day, acid attack incidents are on a rise. But do you know such horrific incidents are not uncommon in advanced western countries as well? Case in point is this story of a Muslim girl in United Kingdom (UK), who had been a victim of an acid attack.



Acid attacks are not just mental tortures but mostly remain an unbearable physical agony that the victim has to live with for the rest of her life.

However, there are stories of grit and courage, where some of the acid attack survivors, after having borne the pain and agony, have bounced back giving a ray of hope for other victims to not give up. One such person is Resham Khan. The pretty woman was celebrating her 21st birthday with her friends when a stranger emerged out of nowhere and threw acid on her. The incident could have scarred her for life but instead she decided to fight it out.

From the day acid was thrown at her, Resham took to documenting all her fears and apprehensions on her blog. She decided to deal with it openly and in the limelight, and not hiding away somewhere, afraid that her scars would make her feel ostracized. Yes, it sure was difficult to gain her self-confidence back, but she was not ready to lose out to a complete stranger who tried to prove his manhood by throwing acid.

On her blog, she writes about the times when she was scared to go out even to the local shop. She was petrified of being judged by others. But she held it tight.

And on the eve of Eid, she decided to surprise all her followers on the social media by posting some stunning photographs, capturing both the acid scars and the recovery she had made thereafter.

Have a better look at the photograpsh here –



As soon as her photographs hit Twitter, the platform was buzzing with good wishes and about the courage that Khan had demonstrated to the world. Truly, she’s a winner!

What would you say about the photographs and her journey? Isn’t she as beautiful as she is brave?